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Seasoned with beef or tomato spice, the Fritos Crisps are delicious curls of corn.

The Simba Fritos Crisps story is an interesting one and it takes us all the way back to 1932 Texas. Elmar Doolin stopped at a quaint cafe to get a sandwich and what he found instead, was a Mexican corn chip. He loved it so much, he knew he had to have the recipe, which he bought right there, along with all the equipment he needed. It wasn’t long until his company expanded so much that he needed a hand. This came in the hand of Mr Herman Lay. The merged to create the biggest snack manufacturing company in the USA – Frito-Lay Inc.
It was in 1963 that Fritos came to South Africa, and we’ve loved them ever since. 

Fritos Crisps



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