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Beyers Sweetie Pie

Product Description

The Beyers Sweetie Pie is made with a light, whipped marshmallow centre and covered in smooth milk chocolate.

The Sweetie Pie has long been a South African favourite, that is until it was discontinued. Now, let’s fast forward to Beyers introducing the Beyers Sweetie Pie to the public again, and here we are; sweetie-ing it up.

The Beyers story started with a nine-year-old Kees Beyers and his dream to open a chocolate factory. At age 12, he had already started selling sweet treats to his friends and family, while he was studying in Antwerp. At 17, he qualified as a pastry chef, but had already been getting up at 4;30 each morning to work part time. At 18, he travelled to South Africa to visit his sister. Intending to work for a few months, before returning, he fell in love with South Africa and decided to stay. He wanted South Africa to have the quality of Belgian chocolate, so at age 20, he opened Kees Beyers Chocolates.

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Beyers Sweetie Pie


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