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Nando’s Marinades are ideal for infusing your chicken with a zingy flavour while making sure it stays tender.

The Nando’s Marinades are friendly with all palates. There’s Hot for those who like it spicy and Mango & Lime for those who prefer to keep things mild.

It was in 1987; a few centuries after Portuguese explorers first found Peri-Peri, also known as the African Bird’s Eye Chilli. Robbie Brozin received a call from Fernando Duarte, inviting him to a small eatery in Rosenttenville, South Africa. Despite not knowing much about the industry, he admitted it was the best chicken he’d ever had. What followed was a journey, filled with fiery passion (that’s almost as hot as the chilli) that has ignited a nation’s love of chicken.


Nando’s Marinades



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