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Occupying a space in every South African cupboard, Mrs Balls Chutneys stays true to the original recipe.

With a blend of apricot and peach, Mrs Balls Chutneys are seasoned to perfection. Making every dish one in need of chutney.

The Mrs Balls story goes back to 1852, but it came very close to not being a story at all. The SS Quanza shipwrecked off the coast of East London, South Africa. Captain Adkins and his wife barely escaped with their lives, and then settled in King Williamstown. Little did they know the recipe they had in their possession would become an icon. It was then passed down to their daughter, Amelia as she came of age. As The Great War broke out in 1914, the chutneys were only being made on a small scale. Amelia and her husband Herbert decided to open their factory in 1917 with the octagonal jar and oval label we know and love.

Available in 470g & 1.1 kg bottles


Mrs Balls Chutneys



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