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Try your Ina Paarman’s Marinades with meat on the braai and you’ll be surprised at the difference. Beautifully charred, while remaining juicy.

The great thing about these Ina Paarman’s Marinades, are that they can also be used as a cooking sauce in an oven bake dish.

The Ina Paarman’s story begins with R4000 and a lady with a big dream. Always cooking and with a huge interest in food, she first started giving lessons at the local technicon. Here she gained support from her students and also from the media, who started attending lessons and writing about it. It was during the holidays, when Ina wasn’t teaching, that she started mixing salts together. Eventually, her products started taking the spotlight, but Ina Paarman’s goal always remains to inspire people to cook.

To watch her journey, click here.

Available in 500ml


Ina Paarman’s Marinades



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