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If you want to experience the perfect cleanness only a handmade soap can give, you should try Rondavel soaps.  Their unique formula can turn oils and lye into one of its kind, glycerine-rich soap.  A touch of chemistry is what makes magic works.  All Rondavel products contain oil from organically grown Mozambican coconuts which leave skin silky and full of life. Glycerin that forms during the so call saponification is the main difference between commercial soap and the real handmade soap. It is removed from commercial soap, to make the bar harder. But glycerin is a moisturiser or humectant, in that it attracts water. When you use Rondavel soap, the soap molecules clean your skin by attracting dirt and then get rinsed off. Rondavel’s fresh aromas attribute to the quality of their soaps. It cleanness is important, then you should try them.


Rondavel Soaps



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