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Ask any South African what their favourite pastime is, and they are most likely to tell you it’s having a braai. It’s not only about the amazing food either; a braai is a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

It’s because we realise the importance of the tradition, that we decided to not only provide the food for the grill, but the barbeque itself. Our team of DIY geniuses took some large oil drums, treated them and turned them into these BBQ drums. Our Oil Drum Barbeque comes with in a half drum -which has no lid – or in a full drum with a lid.

Unfortunately, because it’s such a large item, it’s only available for in store pick up. We would advise giving us a call to confirm that we have them in stock.

Prices are:

Half drum (without lid) £120.00
Full drum (with lid) £170.00


Oil Drum Barbeque

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