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Beacon Fizz Pops are basically little balls of flavour! A South African sucker, with a fizzy sherbet centre that’s loved by kids.

Beacon started all the way back in 1931, when Mr Zulman bought the Durban Confectionary and Spice Works for only £500. Being a Lithuanian immigrant who’d been living and working in South African for eight years, he had learnt English. Because Mr Zulman had experience in tea rooms and confectionary, he dedicated himself to his own company. Through hard work and great service, he managed to grow his business. After many years of partnerships, dedication and creativity, Beacon is the leading confectionery brand in South Africa with an impressive range, including Beacon Fizz Pops.

Like this? You’ll love Fizzers!

Weight: 20g each

Beacon Fizz Pops



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