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Exotic. Exciting. This captures the heart of our Lean Turkey Jerky.

You’re an adrenaline junkie. You love the thrill of freerunning or river rafting. You want the hair on the back of your neck at attention and why stop there? Your taste buds will come alive with our STM Energia Lean Turkey Jerky.

The secret to our incredible Lean Turkey Jerky lies in the craft. We start by responsibly sourcing only the leanest Grass Fed Beef before trimming it down into more manageable strips. Next, we marinade and season the steaks for maximum flavour, before cooking them in the dehydrator. Once ready, the strips are air-dried in a controlled environment, before being picked and packaged for your convenience.

With over 28g of Protein per serving, it’s easy to see that STM Energia is an exotic snack that fuels your body and keeps you hungry for more.

STM Energia Lean Turkey Jerky

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