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Unpretentious. Effective. This captures the essence of our Grass Fed Beef Sticks.

You’re a weightlifter. Your routines may be straightforward, but it gets the job done. Why dance around the fact that it only gets easier when it starts out tough? That kind of dedication can only be fueled by our STM Energia Grass Fed Beef Sticks

The secret to our Grass Fed Beef Sticks lies in the craft. We start by responsibly sourcing only the leanest Grass Fed Beef before trimming it down into more manageable strips. Next, we marinade and season the steaks for maximum flavour. Once ready, the strips are air-dried in a controlled environment, before being minced down and made into bite-sized sticks.

With over 25g of Protein per serving, it’s easy to see that STM Energia is uncomplicated and the perfect post workout snack.


STM Energia Grass Fed Beef Sticks



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