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Potjiekos is another fine cooking method to come out of South Africa – a one-pot wonder that’s simple and wonderfully tasty. Grab your Potjie Pots with Lids here.

The potjie tradition starts in the Cape. When the Dutch settlers arrived, they were known for cooking food in cast iron pots that were kept above the fire in the kitchen. Before that, however, the Bantu people that migrated to South Africa had also started cooking in cast iron pots. A method they had learnt from Arab traders. Perhaps, the different styles were all merged into one, but eventually the pot bellied pots were rested on a fire. It seemed to have been espeically handy to the Voortrekkers, who slaughtered animals they found and cooked it into a stew. Incidentally, the extra meat went on to be cured – which gave way to biltong. So really, we owe the Voortrekkers quite a bit, but for now… let’s just thank them for the Potjie Pots with Legs.


No. 1 – 3 litres

No. 2 – 6 litres

No. 3 – 8 litres

No. 4 – 10 litres

No. 6 – 13 litres


Potjie Pots with Legs



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