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“The Nederburg 56 Hundred Chenin Blanc is a generous and rewarding wine that boasts a vibrant tropical fruit profile. In the glass the wine shows a pale straw colour that is accentuated by an enchanting green tint. The bouquet is immediately forthcoming with abundant aromas of guava, apricot and white peach that greet the nose. A well-balanced palate continues with the aromatic profile of the nose, allowing ripe fruit flavours to reach an elevated expression of character on the mid-palate before ending off with a pleasant finish. Pairs a treat with Chinese cuisine, pork and mild curries.”

Pairs perfectly with Chinese cuisine, pork ribs and mild curries.

In 1791 was the start of a journey of discovery with the love of winemaking at heart. Philippus Wolvaart, a man of courage and vision, bought the farm that lay between the Berg and Palmiet rivers for 5600 guilder. Hand in hand with his wife, Margaretha, they nurtured the land and built a strong foundation on which the success of Nederburg was to flourish.


Nederburg 56 Hundred Chenin Blanc


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