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“Backsberg Dry Red is a blend of Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet are fermented. Pressing occurs early to ensure a fruity, soft, easy-drinking wine. This wine incorporates portions of exceptional wines of various winemaking styles with some high-quality oak-aged components building a beautiful backbone for this value-for-money blend.

Backsberg’s reliable everyday drinking wine with notes of deliciously ripe berry and floral aromas are echoed on the soft, fruit-driven palate. Light and easy drinking.

An ideal accompaniment to lambspicy food and Italian dishes.

“The Backsberg family history in South Africa starts back at the beginning of the last century when grandfather Backs arrived on the shores of Cape Town as a penniless political and religious refugee from Lithuania.

Graduating from working as a dockhand on the reclamation program around what today is the Waterfront, he started as a bicycle delivery “boy” and finally bought a butcher shop at Paarl train station. The story goes that one morning someone arrived at the shop and asked if he would be interested in buying a farm. Mr. C.L. Back thought this an excellent idea and sold the butchers shop to purchase what is today known as Backsberg Estate Cellars.

750 ml

Backsberg Dry Red


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