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A delicious cup of tea brimming with natural goodness. Tick Tock’s deep colour and full taste make a delicious cup of tea. Gentle, naturally caffeine free and brimming with rooibos goodness, all natural Tick Tock can be enjoyed at any time – morning, noon and night.

Tick Tock Rooibos Vanilla Chai balances aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger & cardamom with natural Madagascan vanilla for a cup of pure pleasure. The Tick Tock family have been makers of rooibos tea ever since Grandfather Benjamin Ginsberg perfected the delicious brew in 1903. A tea pioneer, he was the first to use traditional tea techniques to cure the wild rooibos plant found only in South Africa’s magnificent Cedarberg mountains.

Harvested by hand and made naturally in the clear Cedarberg mountain air. Naturally caffeine free, For bright days & peaceful nights, Great taste, Allows restful sleep, Gentle and low in tannin, Special superior grade.

Available in 80g & 180g

Tick Tock Teas



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