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Strong in flavour, every sip of Joko Teabags is supremely satisfying.

The master-blenders behind Joko Teabags know that only top quality leaves can go into a perfect cup. Exactly why Joko is the market leaders in producing black tea.

Did you know?

Drinking black tea can improve your alertness and mood, without affecting your quality of sleep. Tea is also hydrating, so there’s really no downside to having a cuppa Joko Loose Tea.

Want to brew the perfect cup of black tea?

Start by boiling water, preferably filtered, before adding your leaves to the water. Brew the tea for around 3 – 5 minutes to make sure it’s the perfect colour and strength. Remove and add sweeteners or milk, if necessary and enjoy. TIP: Don’t use water that has been boiled once before

Available in 65g & 250g boxes

Joko Teabags



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