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Teetotal G’n’T is made with the botanicals that flavour a good quality gin and tonic, without the alcohol. All natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, and an authentic gin and tonic taste. Take part in the party, while staying alcohol-free. It tastes remarkably like a regular gin and tonic! Fresh and dry, with a citrus aroma.

The tastings of this product was a success, with 90% of those sipping Teetotal G’n’T in blind taste tests couldn’t tell it was alcohol-free!

At just 52 calories in a bottle, Teetotal G‘n’T has half the calories of a single gin with regular tonic. And no artificial sweeteners.


Do you prefer something with a bit more kick? Inverroche Gin is a fresh, modern spirit, using a range of botanicals from South Africa, East Asia and Europe to create a fabulous blend of infusion and distillation.

Teetotal G’n’T


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