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Our whole Smoked Snoek Fish is infused with a subtle smokey flavour, which is great when paired with this naturally salty fish.

Ideally, our Smoked Snoek Fish should be cooked on the braai. This will bring out the subtleties of the smoked flavour even more. Considering that we’ve already filleted this fish, it can straight onto the braai. Beware, a little bone or two could always slip through. Unfortunately, we cannot portion the fish, but once it’s cooked it flakes away easily. Which will allow you to keep parts of it to be kept in the fridge for a day or two. Our serving suggestion for this beautiful fish, is with simple sides, such as salad or coleslaw, as the snoek should take centre stage.

As this fish is cold smoked, it must be cooked first before eating. Here are some cooking tips for your Snoek on the braai – simply click here.

Please note: This product is sold as a whole fish, approx 1kg.

Smoked Snoek Fish


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