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These Cheese Griller Sausages are made from a blend of coarse pork and aromatic herbs & spices. They’re a favourite and it’s easy to see why. Oozing with cheese and smokey, they’re full-flavoured.

After expanding on our farm-style South African Boerewors, we turned our sites on conquering the continent. Born out of that, was a range of speciality sausages inspired by European favourites and African flavours. Our product line now includes favourites like Merguez and Cajun sausages. Yet, we always circle back around to South Africa. Which is why we created these traditional Cheese Griller Sausages.

Our Cheese Griller Sausages are best served the South African way. Panfry your Grillers until they’re brown and crispy on the outside. Serve with a generous helping of seasoned chips and tomato sauce and enjoy! They’re also great in a ‘boerie roll’ or turned into a pastry.

Approx. 260g in pack. 7 sausages per pack.

Cheese Griller Sausages


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