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Not only is our Grass Fed Beef Jerky made the finest Beef Silverside, but it tastes remarkable. Although, considering it’s made from a mix of fragrant herbs and spice, could you really expect anything less?

The art of curing meat is a tradition that’s been perfected for over four hundred years. It started with our sailing Dutch forefathers. They found soaking meat in vinegar before massaging it with salt was the only way to keep raw meat while at sea for months at a time. At first, they would rehydrate the meat before cooking it. However, while journeying across Africa, the Voortrekkers learned to save time by carving and enjoying it as it was. Although our Grass Fed Beef Jerky doesn’t quite follow the same method, we’d like to think Biltong was always the inspiration for it.

See Jerky is a much thinner cut to Biltong and also quite lean compared to the fat we love in our traditional Biltong.  Jerky is also cooked under a low heat, after the marinating process, while Biltong is air dried. The reason for this is the absence of vinegar in Jerky.

Even though Emory St. Marcus started making Biltong over 30 years ago, we still find creating new lines an exciting endeavour. This is mainly because Biltong always remains at the forefront of our business. We’re always striving to bring a piece of home to South African’s living abroad.

Grass Fed Beef Jerky



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