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21st February 2017
Let’s Talk Nutritional Value of Biltong »

We can all agree that biltong tastes delicious – no protest. This culinary delight has invaded European, American and Australian markets in recent years. But what about the nutritional value? Let’s talk

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16th December 2016
Our Baby Biltong is Perfect for Teething »

Teething is not an easy time for mother or baby and if we could ease the pain for both parties, why wouldn’t we? Exactly why our Baby Biltong is perfect

Read moreIs Biltong Safe During Pregnancy?
17th November 2016
Is Biltong Safe During Pregnancy? »

Biltong cravings seem to be a pretty common thing among South African mama’s to- be. Although this doesn’t come as much of a surprise – it is a delicacy after

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10th November 2016
Making Your Own Biltong »

Making your own Biltong can actually be a pretty rewarding experience. The preparation is therapeutic and the final product worthwhile, despite Biltong’s long drying time. Not to mention bragging rights!

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20th October 2016
The Difference Between Biltong and Jerky »

So, what’s the difference between Biltong and Jerky? Apart from the obvious cultural difference – Jerky being American and Biltong being South African – what else sets them apart? We’re

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13th October 2016
Five Health Benefits of Biltong »

2016 has been quite the year for biltong. In fact, a lot of publications, like Marie Claire and the Evening Standard  have recognised the nutritional value in this South African

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16th June 2016
Storing St. Marcus Biltong »

You love biltong (who doesn’t right?) so you’d probably like to keep it fresh. ‘The guide to storing St. Marcus biltong’ makes keeping delicious biltong optimal simple. At St. Marcus,

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