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Banned in the UK: The South African foods our customers can’t have due to EU law

14th August 2018 tagged #niknaks, #ouma, #peppermint crisp, #tennisbiscuits

South Africans living in the UK faced a ban on some of their favourite foods, due to them not meeting the production  required by the EU.

This is the reason we are out of stock of so many products!

As of the 31st March 2017, South Africa does not have an “EU Approved Residue Control Plan”. You know what else happened on this date? Jacob Zuma created a political version of Game Of Thrones with his midnight cabinet reshuffle. So if you can’t get your hands on Ouma biscuits or a Peppermint Crisp, you know who to thank.



The legislation ensures that foods with ingredients of animal origin are properly sourced and do not contain high levels of ‘vetinary residue’

This ‘residue’ concerns the medicines used to help animals who need treatment, and the control plan ensures that they do not end up in our food at harmful levels.

They can remain in animal products after slaughter or collection, and make their way into the food chain. Veterinary medicine residues also include any breakdown products from the veterinary medicine that occur after administration.

So, what’s on the banned list? Let’s see…

  • Bakers: Eet-Sum-Mor, Tennis Biscuits, Iced Zoo, Choc-Kits, Lemon Creams, Pro-Vita
  • Ouma: Buttermilk Rusks, Plain Rusks, Apple and Raisin, Blueberry and Poppyseed, Three Seed
  • Willards CheasNaks
  • Nestle and Cadbury products INCLUDING Dairy Milk
  • Others: Chocolate Log, Tex, Peppermint Crisp, Bar-One, Caramel Creams

I mean… How would a UK-based South African vegan even survive? This is essentially my weekly shopping list.

The control plan also takes into consideration ‘composite’ products, which contain both animal and plant based ingredients. The imports’ country of origin must have a relevant approved residue control plan, but the country of manufacture of the composite product does not have to.

I think we’ve all learned two things today: 1) there are bits of animal in practically everything and 2) The EU have put more thought into one law than Zuma has put into an entire presidency.

Luckily we still produce the best biltong, boerewors, droewors and so much more for our meat lovers out there!