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Captain Morgan's Rums
Captain Morgan's RumsCaptain Morgan's Rums

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All aboard! Captain Morgan’s Rums are a collection of favourites. A dark rum, rich in history. A mellow, amber coloured favourite and of course, the original. There’s a little captain in all of us!

Captain Morgan’s Rums are perfect when blended with Coke or had in a cocktail.

Rum was born over 400 years ago. It started back on the tropical isles of the Carribean. Whether it was boredom or a sense of adventure; a group of locals wanted to see what they could do with the sugar canes. Once they squeezed out the juices, they fermented, distilled and then aged the liquid… and voila – rum!

It didn’t quite stop there, though. It was in 1493 that they added herbs, spice and fruits to their blend; giving way to their special blend. It was then, that the Captain was introduced to rum and decided to write up a recipe of his own.

If you’d like to read more about the Captain or how his rum is made, click here.

Captain Morgan’s Rums


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