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The Kloovenburg Merlot is an easy-drinking wine and is rich in flavour with hints of plum and blackberry.

The first wine to come out of Kloovenburg was in 1997, when Pieter du Toit and his sons made a pinotage. At the time, they didn’t have a destemming machine or crusher, so it had to be done manually. The juice was then moved to Stellenbosh University, where it was inoculated, fermented and matured. Thereafter the wine was bottled by hand; only 200 bottles were made at the time. Following the success, Pieter made 10 tons of Shiraz and another 10 tons of Pinotage in 1998. Although made at another facility, the wine was released under the Kloovenburg label. Two years later, Pieter built his very on cellar and can hold 200 tons of wine.

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Kloovenburg Merlot


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