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The Klein Constantia Chardonnay is the perfect combination of fresh citrus, fruit notes and well balanced oak on both the nose and the palate. It has a slight hint of spice with a buttery finish.

Klein Constantia starts all the way back to 1651, when Jan van Riebeeck first brought vines to the Cape. We then have to jump forward to 1658 to see the first grapes turned into wine. It was only in 1684, that Simon van der Stel found the most favourable soil and named the estate Constantia. After van der Stel died 1711, Hendrik Cloete Snr buys part of the neglected estate in 1777. Passed down to his two sons after his death in 1817, his son Johan was in charge of the upper part of the estate and named it Klein Constantia. If you’d like to read more about the estate’s rich history, click here.

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Klein Constantia Chardonnay


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