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Steers Salad Dressings
Steers Salad DressingsSteers Salad DressingsSteers Salad DressingsSteers Salad Dressings

Product Description

Fancy up any ol’ salad with this range of Steers Salad Dressings. It’s creamy and robust in flavour with a wonderful aroma.

Steers Salad Dressings go great with anything from a Chicken Ceasar to a simple Greek Salad.

Steers have been in business for over 50 years and has been known for having the Best Burgers for more than 18 years. This is most likely because of the 100% beef burgers that are flame-grilled to perfection. Of course, their chips are also at the forefront of their business and winning the Best Chips award 14 years in a row, is an achievement they strive to keep. Steers has been so successful, that they’ve had to branch out to Nigeria, Mauritius, Zambia and even the UK! Opening the first branch in Clapham Junction back in 2013.

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Steers Salad Dressings



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