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South African Koeksister Nuggets

Product Description

These traditional South African Koeksister Nuggets come in a delicious, sugar infused bites.

Our South African Koeksister Nuggets literally are South African! Making the journey; these koeksister bites come all the way in the hope of finding their way into your tummy!  You’ll find the same brand at Woolworths, Francor Bakery and other retailers.

Koeksisters come from the Dutch, koekje – which means cookie. These doughnutty type treats are made into a plait, before being coated with a sticky, sugar syrup. This ensures that every bite juicy and sweet. There’s also a Cape Malay version of the koeksister, which is shaped more like a doughnut with a coconut dusting.

If you’d like to read more about this South African delicacy, click here.

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South African Koeksister Nuggets


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