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Simba Chipniks Crisps

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Why not try Simba Chipniks Crisps? They are light, puffy and made from mixed grain – perfect for dipping.

When you’re feeling festive, Simba Chipniks Crisps are best served with guacamole and salsa, or opt for a healthier alternative and serve with hummus.

The Simba roar sounds all the way back in 1957. This was where Mrs Greyvenstein planted the seed that would grow into the biggest snack company in South Africa. Funnily enough Ouma Greyvenstein was also the brains behind Ouma’s Rusks. This is how she first got the funds together and with the help of her son, Leon, they first brought the Simba chippie to life. If you’d like to read about the Simba journey, just click here.



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Simba Chipniks Crisps


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