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Messaris Bubbles Crisps
Messaris Bubbles CrispsMessaris Bubbles Crisps

Product Description

The Messaris Bubbles Crisps are light, airy and perfectly seasoned.

No matter what, the Messaris Bubbles Crisps range should always make an appearance at a braai or party. After all, it’s a great savoury snack!

The Messaris timeline puts us in 1948. Here, the company is established as a peanut company. However, that wasn’t it; the first flavoured crisps were introduced in 1956. Little did they know, the Chilli Chippie would end up being the most popular Messaris product. Since then, the company has grown and it stocked by various South African supermarkets. If you are interested in knowing more,  simply follow the link by clicking here.



Messaris Bubbles Crisps

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