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Lay's Crisps
Lay's CrispsLay's Crisps

Product Description

Lay’s Crisps is the brand name for the number one potato chip varieties. The Lay’s products are carefully sliced, fried in vegetable oil and seasoned with delicious flavour. The company has invested dedication and precision into making their quality crisps. Lay’s flavours will appeal to every taste and suit every event. Perfect for every party occasion, Lay’s Crisps reminds you that life is worth enjoying.  If you wonder what the spring tastes like, try Spring Onion and Cheese Flavour. For spicy lovers, Thai Sweet Chilli Flavour is not to be missed.

The brand has gained popularity for its nutritious, fitness driven products. Lay’s products are available at St Marcus.

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Lay’s Crisps


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