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Melissa's Bottled Fruits
Melissa's Bottled FruitsMelissa's Bottled FruitsMelissa's Bottled Fruits

Product Description

The fruit that goes into Melissa’s Bottled Fruits gets picked when ripe and juicy. It’s then bottled in a light sugar syrup.

Melissa’s Bottled Fruits are perfect for fruit salads or baked goods, but can also be enjoyed with greek yoghurt, topped with Melissa’s Honey Granola.”

Like most businesses, Melissa’s started off small, before opening their first shop in 1996. Since then, they’ve grown in size, opening several more store, but one thing remained – the care and passion that they invest in their products. Their quality and interesting flavour combinations have put them at the forefront of artisanal products. Interested in knowing more about Melissa’s Food Shop? Click here.

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Melissa’s Bottled Fruits



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