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Cadbury PS Chocolate Bars

Product Description

Cadbury PS Chocolate Bars are crispy layers of wafer – each carefully topped with dairy milk chocolate

Cadbury PS Chocolate Bars not only taste great, but they present rather sweetly as gifts. With messages like, ‘I love you’ or ‘Thank you’, they’re a must.

Let’s take a trip to 1824, when John Cadbury opened his Bull Street store, right here in England. Selling cocoa and drinking chocolate, it wasn’t until 1831 that he opened a factory. By 1842, his range had expanded to 11 different cocoas and 16 drinking chocolates. The first chocolate bar, however, was only produced by Fry’s in 1847. Nowadays, of course, Cadbury is a household name and with good reason, we say. To read the full story behind Mr Cadbury’s adventures, click here.


Cadbury PS Chocolate Bars


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