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If you like your snack crumbly and delicious, you should try Bakers Mini Biscuits. Now Bakers Mini Biscuits come in handy snack packs and in two different flavours. You can choose between Mini Tennis, Eet-Sum-Mor or iced zoo. They will both make you want more, we guarantee!

Bakers actually goes all the way back to 1740, where the biscuits were basically ‘born at sea’. Known as ‘hard tack’, these rations formed a part of every naval officer’s diet. Jump forward in time to 1851 and Johann Friedriech Baumann docks in Durban. As a baker with a vision, he starts Baumann & Co. After having his cousin join him from London – and buying some fancy equipment – the Baumann’s introduces the Marie Biscuit in 1885, with Tennis following in 1991. Following the war in 1915, the company changed its name to Bakers Limited. 5 years later and two more factories, the little, iconic baker’s man comes along in 1923. The rest is history, as they say. Now, Bakers is known as a household name.
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Bakers Mini Biscuits


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