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Perfect as a spicy, post-workout snack or a healthy substitute when you’re feeling peckish. Our Limited Edition Peri-Peri Beef Biltong is ideal when you’re on the go!

Crafting our tasty Limited Edition Peri-Peri Beef Biltong is almost as easy as jumping a wall when you’re really good at pull-ups. We start by sourcing lean, grass fed beef, before trimming it down. Once cut, we season the strips for maximum flavour, adding a sprinkling of Peri-Peri for a spicy kick! Once ready, the steaks are air-dried in a controlled environment, before being picked and packaged for your convenience.

With over 21g of Protein per serving, it’s easy to see why STM Energia is the tastiest Protein snack that’s ready when you are.

STM Energia Limited Edition Peri-Peri Beef Biltong


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