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Product Description

With the job already done for you, Rose’s Pre-Mixed Soda Cans are the perfect addition to the Rose’s range.

Every party, or braai had a bottle of Rose’s present. Whether it was Kola Tonic, Passion Fruit or Lime, a tonic was never out of reach. Now, Rose’s have combined all of our favourite tonics into Rose’s Pre-Mixed Soda Cans. Making it convenient, but also traditionally delicious in a 275ml can.

Not many people will know this, but the Rose’s journey actually begun here in Edinburgh. With Mr. Lauchlin Rose in the shipbuilding business, he realised the need for lime juice. At this point, it was the only remedy for scurvy. Although, Mr. Rose also recognised that plain lime juice may not be to everyone’s fancy, so he sweetened it and branded it as a Lime Mixer. Hence, the very first Rose’s Cordial.

To read more about the history behind our favourite tonics, click here.


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Rose’s Pre-Mixed Soda Cans


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