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Lean Beef Bilton

Product Description

Why don’t make the most of our special offer?! Get our much-loved Lean Beef Biltong Medium in 250g Bags at 15% discount! It is the perfect snack for those who like their food tasty and healthy.

The art of curing meat is a tradition that’s been perfected for over four hundred years. It started with our sailing Dutch forefathers. They found soaking meat in vinegar before massaging it with salt was the only way to keep raw meat while at sea for months at a time. At first, they would rehydrate the meat before cooking it. However, while journeying across Africa, the Voortrekkers learned to save time by carving and enjoying it as it was. We’d like to think of it as the inspiration for our Lean Beef Biltong.

The original marinade consisted only of salt, spice, and vinegar. Of course, tradition gave way to experimentation and before long the procured seasonings from the spice routes were added to create different flavour profiles.


250g Lean Beef Biltong Medium in Bags NOW 15% OFF

£8.50 £7.25

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