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Biltong: a gourmet classic with universal use

7th February 2017 tagged biltong, gourmet, South African cuisine

Biltong is a South African gourmet classic which unleashes the imagination when it comes to combining with other foods. Its use is almost universal. The meaty delicacy adds its unique flavour to each meal it‘s attributed to. Healthy food lovers may like it in their vegetable salad or as a part of a nutritious sandwich. Those who prefer their meals luxurious and innovative may use it on pizzas, inside cheese quiche or even as an addition to cream cheese spreads.

It is all about creativity and food preference!

Salads can be found topping every healthy food list.  Traditionally only fruit and vegetables come to mind when talking about their ingredients. But once you add biltong to it all, you’ll never look back, the culinary experts say. Biltong could be a fresh alternative to traditional tuna or chicken salads. Crunchy or juicy, it is an ingredient which will capture your imagination and will make you want more!

Biltong can be the perfect complement to variety of soups. Its thick meaty flavour can add a significant culinary delight to this otherwise simple dish. It’s well worth the experiment!

And if you appreciate culinary experiments why don’t add Biltong to your traditional quiche recipe. Just imagine the crispy base, the soft inside and the biltong addition. Things can’t get much better, can they? Just dare to introduce Biltong to your kitchen and you will never regret it.

How does a combination of Italian pizza and South African Biltong appeal to you? Our own meaty delicacy can add an exotic African flavour to the meal that is much loved around the world. It goes well with all kinds of cheese, vegetables or herbs. Your own imagination is the only limit!

All you crisp lovers, imagine adding Biltong flavour to your cream cheese dip. Your love for the combination can serve as a test on how South African are you.

And those whose taste gravitated around the pure South African tradition may still like their Biltong as a classic on its own!

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